Edinburgh Fringe

We had a quick trip up to the Fringe Festival last weekend and managed to take a few photos, between some fabulous food and cocktails ………this one inspired me to give the picture a kind of pre raphelite  look, which I achieved with the help of a photo I took of a painting with a garland at Tatton Park a couple of months ago, while out on our first trip for the LWC (Ladies What Click!!!!!) Pre Raph Garland4a

“Guards” Tutbury Castle Photographers Day

Always an enjoyable day out at Tutbury Castle’s Photographers Day, It was a bit of a day filled with rain showers, but even so there were plenty of re-enactors to photograph, including these two German Soldiers.   Being quite a lazy person,  and still learning the art of composite images, if at all possible I try to take my people pictures against a background that is suitable to help tell their story, in this case the castle ruins made a great backdrop for them 3854_Jane M  Lines_German Guards