Edinburgh Fringe

We had a quick trip up to the Fringe Festival last weekend and managed to take a few photos, between some fabulous food and cocktails ………this one inspired me to give the picture a kind of pre raphelite  look, which I achieved with the help of a photo I took of a painting with a garland at Tatton Park a couple of months ago, while out on our first trip for the LWC (Ladies What Click!!!!!) Pre Raph Garland4a

Fairy Wishes

After a busy few weeks sorting out both the SRGB Exhibition and PAGB APM Entries, Di and I decided to treat ourselves to a day out fairy hunting……….We managed to dodge the showers and had a fun day out with our cameras……….No boys allowed !!!!

Fairy Wishes2

“Guards” Tutbury Castle Photographers Day

Always an enjoyable day out at Tutbury Castle’s Photographers Day, It was a bit of a day filled with rain showers, but even so there were plenty of re-enactors to photograph, including these two German Soldiers.   Being quite a lazy person,  and still learning the art of composite images, if at all possible I try to take my people pictures against a background that is suitable to help tell their story, in this case the castle ruins made a great backdrop for them 3854_Jane M  Lines_German Guards