Family Photos

We are always the wrong side of a camera these days ………….. I found this one of my husband Adrian while I was looking through some shots I took at Whitby at the Last Gothic Weekend in November……….I think his expression  is down to the fact that I was just using him as a model […]

Solihull Open Exhibition 2013

I recently got the results of the Solihull Open and was pleased to get 16 Acceptances and the following Awards: “The Noodle Chef” was Commended “The Ostler” was awarded a PAGB Ribbon (shown above) “The Journey” was awarded a Highly commended “Sea Eagle Acrobatic Dive” was awarded a Highly commended    

Smethwick 39th International Exhibition Results

I recently got my results for the Smethwick International Exhibition and was very pleased with my 15 acceptances and the following Awards……… “Sea Eagle Acrobatic Dive” was awarded a SPS Medal: Mike Lane (Shown Above) “The Noodle Chef” was awarded a PSA: Ribbon “Moon Jellyfish Loch Na Keal” was awarded a FIAP: Ribbon “Harvest Mouse” […]