Sleeping Winter Hare

I was inspired by an artist while on Mull to create a nature themed creative  landscape. I had a little felt hare that also was the inspiration and some shots from Iceland along with some textures that I had photographed       Ice from off the conservatory roof!!!….. I loved the patterns     […]

India – Birds of Bharatpur

At the beginning of our Northern India tour we stayed at the lovely Birders Inn  and visited the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary They take you round the park in rickshaws and pack you a lovely picnic breakfast to enjoy on the way round.   there was a great range of birds in this […]

Walters Wardrobe

        We spent a very enjoyable day shooting with Walters Wardrobe at the wonderful setting of Sledmere House in Yorkshire at the end of October, not the sort of shoot we are familiar with and we felt seriously without kit compared to the other photographers as we just too 1 Elinchrom Quadra […]


    For the past 5 years we have been going on an annual camera club trip to Mull. It is a wonderful place to relax, watch the wildlife and world go by and sample some of the best seafood in Scotland …….Who could ask for more!!!