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Not my usual type of image ,,,,,,,,, I was in London at the beginning of October while Adrian was attending the PAGB Exec Meeting ,
and upon checking on events on in the area came across a Vintage Car Boot Sale behindKings Cross (about 45 mins walk from where I was staying near the Barbican). It wasa really interesting event where people brought their vintage cars and then vintage
goods to sell, if they didn’t have a vintage car then the event paired them up with someone that did, the whole vibe of the event was wonderful with vintage music playing and great food and drink available too, I spent a good couple of hours wandering round the stalls and snapping away with my brand new Fuji XT2 Camera (Itwas at this point that I discovered that the TTL did not work on the flash I used with myXT1 so had to take the shot of this Vintage Trader who caught my eye just using natural light (it was quite bright on the day) but I was pleased with the end result. I shot the picture from floor level and wide (utilising my flip up screen) as I wanted to make the Trader even more dominant in the picture

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Walters Wardrobe

26th October 2016