Edinburgh Fringe

We had a quick trip up to the Fringe Festival last weekend and managed to take a few photos, between some fabulous food and cocktails ………this one inspired me to give the picture a kind of pre raphelite  look, which I achieved with the help of a photo I took of a painting with a […]

Fairy Wishes

After a busy few weeks sorting out both the SRGB Exhibition and PAGB APM Entries, Di and I decided to treat ourselves to a day out fairy hunting……….We managed to dodge the showers and had a fun day out with our cameras……….No boys allowed !!!!

Studio Shoot “Goddess”

“Darling” was the subject of our recent Chorley PS Studio Night Shoot, after making here wear some voile, my natural progression was to pair her up with a shot of the outside of the Doges Palace in Venice to give her the right background for her “Goddess” look

Warner Brothers Studio Tour

We went to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour near St Albans for a friends 70th Birthday outing and had a great day out………… There were no restrictions on photography so we were able to capture some great backgrounds and unusual props and prosthetics which I’m sure will appear when the time is right


Had a great rip to Glencoe this weekend, although landscape isn’t really my thing, I enjoyed the beautiful weather and different scenery with the snow……….These deer were down by the Kings House and helped make a much photographed view a little more special