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  1. Hi, Jane, at one point you had your DPAGB panel on a website somewhere – do you still have it available to look again at?
    PS Apopos of our public conversation on the website would you call “On the bus” photoshopped? Is that one of the 3 you said were?
    Best regards,
    Danny McCaughan
    ps that was me sitting near you at the APM, with the little telescope to study what the judges were looking at.!

    1. Hey

      Sorry it has taken me 6 months to reply……..You got lost in my Spam mail on my WordPress site and I have only just found it ……… I didn’t see you with a telescope at the APM’s !!!!!!!

      On the bus was a single image, with the girl selected and in-versed so that I could alter the contrast of the background so that the girl stood out more and the background was less distracting (pulled the black and white sliders in on the panel under the histogram in levels in photoshop to take out the contrast) and a black and white layer was applied and the colour brought back by altering the opacity to give it a 1940’s coloration and feel) a vignette was applied on a new layer in soft light mode and some dodging and burning. not that much work just enhancement really.

      The three composites were : Adoration, Boys will be Boys and The Vampire Protector

      The panel is on my flickr page:

      If you are considering doing an APM there is a Facebook page:


      Kindest Regards

      Jane Lines

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